Blocking Web Ads


While wandering through the Interwebs, I happened across a interesting post on blocking your ads with Bind9 and an IP blacklist here.  The instructions looked pretty simple, and, being a geek technical professional, I had a Bind sever running at home. I gave it a go and thought nothing more of it.

The next day I got a small start, when I saw a whole bunch of 404s on the web server running on that host. It shouldn’t be contactable from the Interwho. A moment passes and I realize it’s the lookups for the blacklist hosts hitting my web server. What the heck? I am running AdBlock Plus. I guess some are still slipping through the cracks. Quite a few it seems!

Seeing the value in running this all over the place, I figured I’d whip up a Docker container for deploying this quickly and simply.  Grab the docker image thusly:

docker pull  matt604/docker-ad-blocking-dns

or the Dockerfile, et al. are here