OpenVPN in a VPS instance

A few days ago, I saw a small job request for a script that would start OpenVPN on a GCP instance and connect to an external VPN service. The requester mentioned being able to SSH to the host and running a script on the host. The last part got me thinking about about how routing for OpenVPN might make less straightforward than it seems. It was. It seemed like a fun technical challenge so I took a crack at it. [Read More]

Which command do I use the most?

After waking to a ringing phone, I was attempting to fall back asleep. As I drifted, I wondered which command I used the most? I thought it a neat exercise, so I found out. As I type this, I suspect it is ls. Which is second and third should be interesting. I gathered up .zsh_history and .bash_history files from 5 different machines I work on a fair bit and put them in a pile, erm, directory. [Read More]

VMs in my home lab

TL;DR: Read the scripts here. There is a simple “if; this; then; that” at the bottom. It’s often I see some new bit of software I’d like to deploy in my home lab to test against my infrastructure. I’m not super keen on loading it on a machine I use for some other function, especially if I end up tossing the software. With this in mind, I started using Linux’s Kernel Virtual Machines (KVM) and Quick Emulator (Qmeu) to test things out. [Read More]

Key/Value Pair in BASH!?

A few nights ago, I was watching some television, drinking a beer, and skimming some articles on managing one’s unix config files with Git. Most of the articles phone it in. They would get to creating a directory with your config files and symlinking them. Creating those manually!? Ain’t nobody got time for that! My beer buzzing brain figured I should roll up my sleeves and write a little something to manage that. [Read More]

Sleep data graphs

I’ve been using the Sleep as Android app to track my sleep for a little while now. The application allows exporting to CSV files. I thought, “GREAT! I can bash in some, well, BASH and put this in Graphite". You know to look at it in relation to other things I’m tracking and wastes of time like that. I cracked open the CSV and immediately noticed it was REALLY whacky. Okay, well, not whacky, just not what I expected. [Read More]

Crushing postfix

I have my home-lab set up to send all mail to my Google mail account. All of the hosts in my house are set to send mail to one host, which uses Gmail to relay out. Except, of course, for my Nagios host, which relays directly, but I digress… This is normally quite excellent. It’s not, when I accidentally something. If you send too much mail from your Gmail account, Google gives you a “time out”. [Read More]