Ghost towns of BC

A few years ago, it came to my attention that British Columbia had a number of old ghost towns. A lot of old towns that sprung up around the turn of the 20th century in relation to various industry such as mining, lumber or the railway. One such place, called the Valley of the Ghosts, piqued my interest. It’s based around the ghost town of Sandon, which is not far from Nelson. [Read More]

Backpacking in Western Europe

I have previously posted notes and information on backpacking and travel. This doesn’t fit with the theme of the previous post, so I am seperating them. I’ll probably do this going forward. A backpack on a chair in a random room. Backpacking in Western Europe is a little different from elsewhere. Specifically, how busy it seems all the time. The majority of the people I talk with in hostels are on vacation for a few weeks. [Read More]


From the beginning of my travel, one of the biggest things I hoped to accomplish, was to find the resting place of my Great Grandfather. I knew he died in Normandy, France in World War One. I figured a good place to start my was in the middle of Normandy. Doing no research beforehand, I picked Caen. Caen is a beautiful place. Caen I spend a few weeks there doing research and visiting historical sites and cities near by. [Read More]

Festival Of Speed

For about a year, I had been excitedly waiting for the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed. I bought the tickets about 10 months before the date of the Festival. After selling off my possessions, this was the only thing I was nervous about travelling with. Everything else, I can live without or replace. When the day came, I was happier than a butcher’s dog. Flying into London was a bit of an event. [Read More]

A traveller and his shoes

Update: (17/10/2017) I am no longer using Dr. Scholl’s Gel Insoles. I will actively be avoiding them going forward. They have a design flaw. A rubber ring in the heel becomes pronounced when the gel starts failing. As it happens gradually, it’s not immediately noticeable. It caused me pain and aggravated my plantar fasciitis. As a traveller, the most important piece of equipment is my shoes. I only have the one pair, so I wear them everyday. [Read More]


HAI! I went to this art place in Paris that a good friend told me about. It was cool. There was some stuff I didn’t understand, though. Like this. or like this. Dis, too. What dis? All jokes, aside, there were some pretty cool pieces. [Read More]

Letting go of of my possessions

Recently, I got rid of a bunch of possessions. Actually, it was most of my stuff, as you can see here: All of my possessions. @ Vancouver, British Columbia — matt604 (@matt604) February 27, 2017 It all happened quickly, in the space of about a week. I expected that getting rid of my possessions would be cathartically cleansing but surprisingly it wasn’t. I figured it was because I had so much on the go, it would take a little time to sink it. [Read More]

A walk in Steveston

Back in April I did a photo walk around Steveston. Here are a few select pictures.


Sunset in West Vancouver

After work, one day last week, I hustled my butt out to West Vancouver to see the sunset.


Sunset at lighthouse prk

I think it was worth it.

Job hunting process

Updated: July 2018 A little while ago, I was back on the job hunting grind. I was kind of bummed about the whole experience. Something in going through websites, finding a job I’m qualified for and applying for it was bothering me. (I later found it was a lack of a structured system.) A friend suggested “Why don’t you find them all, the way I did when I bought my truck? [Read More]