OpenVPN in a VPS instance

A few days ago, I saw a small job request for a script that would start OpenVPN on a GCP instance and connect to an external VPN service. The requester mentioned being able to SSH to the host and running a script on the host. The last part got me thinking about about how routing for OpenVPN might make less straightforward than it seems. It was. It seemed like a fun technical challenge so I took a crack at it. [Read More]

Goodbye Evernote

Evernote has been a staple of my GTD process for around 10 years now. Originally I used it as my idea capture bucket. Over time I found it clunky and more GTD software had arrived on the scene, so I used it for reference material, notes, and such. I really liked the software, so much so, I paid for it for a number of years. One thing that bothered me about the software was the lack of keyboard short-cuts. [Read More]

Cloud all the things!

Recently, I found that Amazon is offering their Cloud Drive service, with unlimited storage, for $60/year. As someone who has had more than one catastrophic disk crash on my personal data stores, I was very interested in this service. They are offering a 3 month trial so, I jumped to sign-up. And was immediately very confused to find I was only offered 5 GB of photo space. After puzzling for some time, I realized I was not allowed this service because my Canadian Amazon site was linked to my US Amazon site. [Read More]

xmlrpc and bots

Some time ago, I was told I should give back to the Internet and post some technical musings. As one does, I grabbed some off the shelf software and set up Apache on a little tiny virtual server. Off we went. Some time later, I started getting alarms that the host was not responding or that one of the services had crashed. I’d fix the issue and some time later it would happen again. [Read More]

Blocking Web Ads

While wandering through the Interwebs, I happened across a interesting post on blocking your ads with Bind9 and an IP blacklist here. The instructions looked pretty simple, and, being a geektechnical professional, I had a Bind sever running at home. I gave it a go and thought nothing more of it. The next day I got a small start, when I saw a whole bunch of 404s on the web server running on that host. [Read More]

A little “hack” for travelling with no wireless

When you are travelling with a smart phone: Use hotel WiFi to look up directions on your smart phones map application (ie Google Maps). After you have found a route, use your smart phones screenshot function to take pictures of the route. Now, when you are out walking around, you don’t need to worry about wireless or Internet access, just look at your picture gallery to get where you’re going.


The other day, while wandering through dhcpd logs, I spied a message similar this one. hostname arpwatch: bogon x.x.x.x 0:0:0:0:0:0 Bogons? What the heck is this about? A little Google-fu popped this post up from a OpenBSD mailing list: Along with pointing out this was just a message about an invalid IP address, it stated Others have already pointed out that ‘bogon’ means a particle of bogosity. Bogosity, eh? [Read More]


The inaugural post. The first post. The kick-off.

As do 6 billion others, I enjoy me some humour. Internet memes are a particular favourite.  Here is an mouldy oldie in Internet time: