Ghost towns of BC


A few years ago, it came to my attention that British Columbia had a number of old ghost towns. A lot of old towns that sprung up around the turn of the 20th century in relation to various industry such as mining, lumber or the railway.

One such place, called the Valley of the Ghosts, piqued my interest. It’s based around the ghost town of Sandon, which is not far from Nelson.

Last August, I was wanting to do a little road trip. This seemed like a good fit, so I rented a car and hit the road. It was a glorious 3 days of driving. The pace was probably a lot more intense than most people would like, but a good part of the trip for me was about the driving. I really enjoy driving.

As I was driving at a fast pace, I didn’t get many pictures, but here are a few I enjoy. Regardless of the pace, if you want a very low-key adventure, the ghost towns of BC fit the bill.

Sandon BC Old boardwalk buildings

Osoyoos BC from the hill top

Old BC Transit buses that are in Sandon for some reason

Another shot of the old transit buses in Sandon