Improving my email system


Duckduckgo began offering an email filtering/obfuscation service, which I promptly signed up for. It’s gratifying to have emails in my inbox that no longer contain trackers. I started updating various services with my new email address, including the domains I own.

Recently, Cloudflare also started providing email forwarding services for domain owners. Instead of forwarding to my personal email account, the emails for my domains now go through DuckDuckGo’s email filtering system first.

That’s when I had what I consider to be a brilliant idea. I had an unused domain from an old project, let’s call it For, I set up a wildcard email address in Cloudflare. Any email sent to this domain is forwarded to my DuckDuckGo filtering email address, which then goes to my personal email address. This gives me greater control over my emails.

For instance, if I want to create a new account for a service like Reddit, I can use reddit at All the emails will arrive in my personal inbox but addressed to reddit at I can now filter based on the incoming address, not just the sender.

Furthermore, if a service sells my email address to a third party, I’ll know which service did it.

This setup also provides me with more options to tweak in the email process. If I have problems with my personal email account or the DuckDuckGo forwarding address, I can update the receiving email address in Cloudflare, instead of updating a large number of websites with a new email address.

This way, I don’t have to worry about changing my email address on numerous websites if something goes wrong.

Overall, this setup has made my email management more streamlined and secure. With DuckDuckGo’s email filtering service and Cloudflare’s forwarding capabilities, I can manage my emails with greater ease and control. It’s a small change, but it has made a big difference in how I manage my online communication. I highly recommend this approach to anyone looking to improve their email experience.