Letting go of of my possessions


Recently, I got rid of a bunch of possessions. Actually, it was most of my stuff, as you can see here:  

It all happened quickly, in the space of about a week.

I expected that getting rid of my possessions would be cathartically cleansing but surprisingly it wasn’t. I figured it was because I had so much on the go, it would take a little time to sink it.

It has been four weeks now and I don’t think it has. I keep having these moments where my subconscious bubbles ideas up that aren’t possible any more.

For example, I was watching a television show where the main character made a joke about sleeping​ on a couch. Immediately, a long running mental note popped up from my subconscious, “I need to replace my couch.” “Oh right”, my conscious mind then stated, “I don’t have an apartment anymore.”

Another example, a couple days ago, I was eating a wonderful brisket with a friend and we got to talking about cooking. I said before realizing it, “Man, I should do a pot roast, it’s been forever.” We both paused before I said, “I guess it will be a while longer.”

Perhaps the reason it hasn’t sink in as it has been a busy 4 weeks. Tons to do and see. Maybe when I pause somewhere for a few weeks with little to do, this will settle into my subconscious mind.