Matt’s movies you might have missed


Man, I love movies. Everything from the cinematography to the writing, the acting, directing and everything in between. I’ve seen those movies we all know and love, such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Godfather or 12 Angry Men. However, sometimes I’ll enjoy a movie and find myself surprised I hadn’t heard of it before. Here is a list of some of those movies.

Update: 2022-08-14 - This list is available on

The list above will likely grow, as I remember movies and see new ones.

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Europa Report - Fun style of story telling
  • The Great Beauty - La Grande Bellezza - Art house movie
  • Sexy Beast
  • Citizen Ruth - A mid nineties comedy around the abortion debate
  • Sorcerer - Suspense
  • Scenic Route - This scratched the ‘one room’ movie itch for me, even thought it’s not strictly so.
  • Coherence - Another ‘one room’ movie. A very cool thriller that is a mind-fuck.
  • The Mist - I’ve probably watched this movie twice now. Go in not knowing anything about it. I loved the ending, but can’t say more without spoilers.
  • Locke - There is only one actor that appears in this movie, Tom Hardy. It’s a wonderful if not heart breaking story.
  • Bon Cop, Bad Cop - Some fun Canadian content
  • Paris, Texas - Well shot. Well acted. Well written.
  • Lincon Lawyer - Amazing cast, very well written and I love a movie set in L.A.
  • Tape - Yet another excellent one room movie.