From the beginning of my travel, one of the biggest things I hoped to accomplish, was to find the resting place of my Great Grandfather.  I knew he died in Normandy, France in World War One.

I figured a good place to start my was in the middle of Normandy. Doing no research beforehand, I picked Caen.

Caen is a beautiful place.


I spend a few weeks there doing research and visiting historical sites and cities near by.

Bayeux, one of the cities near Caen, was unbelievable. It’s a little town with canals running through parts of it. Picturesque!


Having seen many World War Two movies and studying Canada’s contributions on the subject, I had to visit Juno Beach.

Juno Beach

As part of the reseach, I was discussing my findings with family. After a conversation, I found he died in the Battle of Amiens.  This gave me a date to go along with his full name.  With those two bits of information, I found his resting place through an online grave index.  Amazingly, his record had the address he lived at in Vancouver.  I cross referenced this with marriage records of my Grandaunt, which had that same address. 100% this was my Great Grandfather.  He is buried in a small town outside of Amiens.

And I was off to Amiens….By way of Prauge, Krakow, Dublin and Kiyv.  I’ll skip those for now, however.


I spent a week in Amiens, wandering around and taking in this beaufitul place.

I also took a couple side trips.  One was to see Vimy Ridge Memorial


Unexploded ordinace across the street from Vimy!

A bicycling detour had me happen across an old WW2 firing position in a field.

I did a day trip to Lens and Battle of Hill 70 memorial site.


Battle of Hill 70 Memorial

On the train to Lens, I had a transfer in Arras.  I took the time to explore the city and stumbled across a Summer sausage festival.  The Feast of Andouillette.


Of course, I did all of this exploration after visiting a little town called Rosières where my Great Grandfather rests.


Rest in Peace.