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Job hunting process

Update February 2024: Added the Insantity Wolf meme Update July 2018: Spelling A little while ago, I was back on the job hunting grind. I was kind of bummed about the whole experience. Something in going through websites, finding a job I’m qualified for and applying for it was bothering me. (I later found it was a lack of a structured system.) A friend suggested “Why don’t you find them all, the way I did when I bought my truck?

xmlrpc and bots

Some time ago, I was told I should give back to the Internet and post some technical musings. As one does, I grabbed some off the shelf software and set up Apache on a little tiny virtual server. Off we went. Some time later, I started getting alarms that the host was not responding or that one of the services had crashed. I’d fix the issue and some time later it would happen again.

Python’s module search path

Upgrading software on an Ubuntu 12.04 machine, I hit a snag. A daemon wouldn’t start. The error log showed the following: 1 2 from util.pystone import pystones ImportError: No module named util.pystone Reading a little, pystone is used in benchmarking and comes with Python 2.7. Yep, it’s there. 1 2 $ ls /usr/lib/python2.7/test __init__.py __init__.pyc pystone.py pystone.pyc regrtest.py regrtest.pyc test_support.py test_support.pyc Strange. Firing up python and importing this from the python prompt failed.

Matt GTD

1 UpdatesUpdate (19/10/2023): A couple of months ago, I scrapped Notion in favour of Obsidian. The idea of keeping my data within my computers, rather than the cloud, appeals to me. I realized I only use Notion in 3 contexts: work, home and phone. I use Syncthing to keep the Obsidian Vaults in sync on each device and sync that to a server for backups. It works quite well, so far.

Key/Value Pair in BASH!?

A few nights ago, I was watching some television, drinking a beer, and skimming some articles on managing one’s unix config files with Git. Most of the articles phone it in. They would get to creating a directory with your config files and symlinking them. Creating those manually!? Ain’t nobody got time for that! My beer buzzing brain figured I should roll up my sleeves and write a little something to manage that.

Entware snmpd

I’m setting up a router which as the option of using entware to extend the functionality. This is great, as I want to have snmpd running on the network device for monitoring and such. After setting up entware, I installed the snmpd package. 1 opkg install snmpd Easy-peasy. Well…not really. No sample config or start scripts are included in the package. Not a huge deal. Just needed to bodge some in place.

How to tie your shoes

Most people learn to tie there shoes as children and never re-evaluate it. A few look at it with a great passion, like this gentleman. His three minute talk shows how we tie our shoes wrong. Once you learned how to tie your shoe you can use a Runner’s Lock, as I call it, or the “Loop Lacing Lock” as found here. Wanting more? Ian’s shoelace site has it all. A couple favourites of mine are the Loop Back Lacing and Starburst Lacing, purely because of how they look.