Updates! Updates! Updates!


It has been a few months since my last post.  I figured I should post an update on what is happening with the blog and me.  The blog isn’t dead and neither am I.

Getting back to Europe from Malaysia in September, I was both buzzing while mentally fatigued.  Malaysia was a truly amazing trip but the previous 6 months of travel had taken a bit of a toll.

I spent October traveling through Germany and November/December in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. An unbelievably cool leg of the trip, but it took even more out of me.

Talking with a dude at a hostel in Budapest, I mentioned the burnout I was feeling at the time.  He was a long time traveler and understood too well. He mentioned he usually stops in a place for a few months after traveling for around five or six.

In hindsight, I should have done this. Perhaps even forgo the Long Stay Visa, as I mentioned here, and chill out some non-EU Baltic state.  Hindsight is always 20/20.

I’ve digressed. I didn’t post much in Autumn, as I was pretty burnt out. I made it to Vancouver for Christmas with my family, which was awesome! I had about 7 weeks so between catching up with friends, spending time with my family and getting in the “Vancouver stuff” I was missing, it was a whirlwind and not enough time. This is the reason for no posts in the Winter months, so far.

With all that said,  I have a couple more posts planned. I have the above mentioned travel, as well as the food I encountered in the last year.

So, stay tuned! There is more to come!

Completely, unrelated, here is a couple pictures of  boats I took in Steveston.

Fishing boats in Steveston Village in Richmond British Columbia. December 2017

A swan swimming in front of a boat called 'Sea Master' in Steveston Village in Richmond British Columbia