French Long Stay Visa Part 2

In my previous post on French Long Stay visa (AKA OFII), I outlined the process I went through to apply for the French Long Stay visa. Once you get the stamp in your passport, there is still more to go. Frech Visa OFII stamp After landing in France, you have to let the state know you are there. You have three months to get the final OFII stamp for your long stay visa . [Read More]

Festival Of Speed

For about a year, I had been excitedly waiting for the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed. I bought the tickets about 10 months before the date of the Festival. After selling off my possessions, this was the only thing I was nervous about travelling with. Everything else, I can live without or replace. When the day came, I was happier than a butcher’s dog. Flying into London was a bit of an event. [Read More]


HAI! I went to this art place in Paris that a good friend told me about. It was cool. There was some stuff I didn’t understand, though. Like this. or like this. Dis, too. What dis? All jokes, aside, there were some pretty cool pieces. [Read More]

Letting go of of my possessions

Recently, I got rid of a bunch of possessions. Actually, it was most of my stuff, as you can see here: All of my possessions. @ Vancouver, British Columbia — matt604 (@matt604) February 27, 2017 It all happened quickly, in the space of about a week. I expected that getting rid of my possessions would be cathartically cleansing but surprisingly it wasn’t. I figured it was because I had so much on the go, it would take a little time to sink it. [Read More]

East Coast cold

The cold on the East Coast intimidated me, I won’t lie. When I landed in Toronto on the last day of February, I was pleasantly surprised to see the weather was hovering around 5°C. After checking in, I went for a walk to get some food. I just had a rain shell on and it was quite pleasant. The next morning I thought to myself how silly I was for worrying it would be cold in Spring. [Read More]


The other day, I sent my team a selfie from my dentist chair. What ensued was the following…


A walk in Steveston

Back in April I did a photo walk around Steveston. Here are a few select pictures.


Air Show in Abbotsford

Last weekend was the annual Abbotsford Air Show. This year, the US F-22 made it’s way north of the border. I managed to snap a few pictures of it. Here are a couple favs.

This animated gif of a fly-by.


And the F-22 flying with a P-51 Mustang.



The inaugural post. The first post. The kick-off.

As do 6 billion others, I enjoy me some humour. Internet memes are a particular favourite.  Here is an mouldy oldie in Internet time: