That Time I Accidentally Hacked My Neighbour

Working from home, I take many meetings. During the meetings, it was apparent I was having networking issues. Calls dropping and people saying my picture was very pixelated. Other participant’s video seemed fine to me, however. During my regular work, I didn’t have many issues. After much sleuthing, I figured out the issue: My work laptop’s internal antenna wasn’t adequate to send the signal through all the walls to the router. [Read More]

Migrating to Hugo

A journey from WordPress to Hugo.

When I started this blog in 2013, I wasn’t really planning to. A friend convinced me to keep a place of technical musings and such. Sure why not. Over the years, it grew to include photos and other non-technical posts, such as Matt’s movies you may have missed or my GTD process. While I enjoy writing these posts, they do take some time. However, writing posts hasn’t take as much time as site maintenance. [Read More]

Ghost towns of BC

A few years ago, it came to my attention that British Columbia had a number of old ghost towns. A lot of old towns that sprung up around the turn of the 20th century in relation to various industry such as mining, lumber or the railway. One such place, called the Valley of the Ghosts, piqued my interest. It’s based around the ghost town of Sandon, which is not far from Nelson. [Read More]

Thai Border Runs

One of the quirks of staying in Thailand for extended periods, is doing “Border Runs”. Thailand has visa on arrival for people from many countries. This visa is good for 30 days. During that 30 days, you can apply to extend your visa another 30 days. This entails presenting documentation of who you are, where you are staying, pictures of you, bank statements, and 1900 Baht (~80$ CAD) to a customs officer after lining up before the office opens and then sitting in a room for a long while. [Read More]

South East Asia life

Before heading off to South East Asia, I spent the Winter Holidays in Vancouver with friends and family. Pretty much as soon as I arrived, I fell ill. Perhaps it was the road weariness catching up with me as well. Before I left, I had the pleasure of dropping my family off at the airport for their trip to the UK. It was fun to be on the other side of the interaction for a change. [Read More]

Italy! Portugal! Spain! Oh my!

This final leg of my 2017 travel was focused on Spain and Italy. As I mentioned in my previous post, I left Ljubljana for Venice. It was mid-November at this point and I was exhausted. The pace had been very aggressive and didn’t leave much room for down time. I knew it would be tough, but I was surprised as to how much it had taken out of me mentally. This was even more apparent reviewing my photos. [Read More]

Germany and more!

After returning from Malaysia at the end of September, I embarked on a whirlwind of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein, after travelling through Paris, Bruges to Berlin with a friend. The leg of travel was mainly through Germany and looked like this: Berlin → Cologne → Bonn → Frankfurt → Luxembourg (Luxembourg) → Heidelberg → Baden-Baden → Stuttgart → Nuremberg → Munich → Neuschwanstein Castle → Lichtenstein → Salzburg → Vienna → Bratislava → Budapest → Ljubljana [Read More]

2017 Travel Scoreboard

I finally sat down and counted a few things related to my 2017 travel. Countries visited in Europe: 24 Cities/Towns visited Europe: 60 I’ve not included Malaysia and Morocco above. There is a map of all the places I’ve been in this post. I took many more car, bus & train rides on public transit or Uber/Grab but didn’t count them here. For the inter-city/inter-country modes of travel from 2017. [Read More]

OpenVPN in a VPS instance

A few days ago, I saw a small job request for a script that would start OpenVPN on a GCP instance and connect to an external VPN service. The requester mentioned being able to SSH to the host and running a script on the host. The last part got me thinking about about how routing for OpenVPN might make less straightforward than it seems. It was. It seemed like a fun technical challenge so I took a crack at it. [Read More]


In September 2017, I took a three week side trip from Europe to Malaysia. A friend suggested the trip and it seem like a good way to chase the fading European sunshine. I often joke that Malaysia was one of the best parts of my European travels. I flew from France to Kuala Lumpur by way of Oman. I had a few days to rest in KL and get used to the time change before my friend showed up from Penang. [Read More]