Always busy. Never bored.

Systems Administration Titles

When I first started as a Unix Administrator, I was given the title of System Programmer. This was a hold over from decades earlier when the team was all mainframe operators. At the time, I wanted to be a System Administrator, as that was the hot title. Some years later, I moved jobs and received a new title: Unix Administrator. Hot damn! I was happy with that title for quite some time.

Which command do I use the most?

After waking to a ringing phone, I was attempting to fall back asleep. As I drifted, I wondered which command I used the most? I thought it a neat exercise, so I found out. As I type this, I suspect it is ls. Which is second and third should be interesting. I gathered up .zsh_history and .bash_history files from 5 different machines I work on a fair bit and put them in a pile, erm, directory.

VMs in my home lab

TL;DR: Read the scripts here. There is a simple “if; this; then; that” at the bottom. It’s often I see some new bit of software I’d like to deploy in my home lab to test against my infrastructure. I’m not super keen on loading it on a machine I use for some other function, especially if I end up tossing the software. With this in mind, I started using Linux’s Kernel Virtual Machines (KVM) and Quick Emulator (Qmeu) to test things out.

Cloud all the things!

Recently, I found that Amazon is offering their Cloud Drive service, with unlimited storage, for $60/year. As someone who has had more than one catastrophic disk crash on my personal data stores, I was very interested in this service. They are offering a 3 month trial so, I jumped to sign-up. And was immediately very confused to find I was only offered 5 GB of photo space. After puzzling for some time, I realized I was not allowed this service because my Canadian Amazon site was linked to my US Amazon site.

Air Show in Abbotsford

Last weekend was the annual Abbotsford Air Show. This year, the US F-22 made it’s way north of the border. I managed to snap a few pictures of it. Here are a couple favs. This animated gif of a fly-by. And the F-22 flying with a P-51 Mustang.